Acer Laptops Australia

Acer Laptops Australia

Acer is one of the leading brands for computers and laptops in Australia. Acer is known for their reliability for boosting productivity at work or home, Acers laptops and computers have been a recommended choice of laptops for years in Australia and around the world. Our laptops are top quality and manufactured to ensure peak perfromance at all times.

Here are some of out top picked Acer Laptops in Australia

Acer Spin Chromebook 13

The top go to Chromebook suitable for all types of work.  equipped with the latest  8th Gen Intel Core i processor ensures the apps and the graphics are at peak perfromance.  Therefore, this allows you to enjoy running multiple tasks simultaneously without lag.

With the full HD display the visuals are surely displayed much more crisp, clear and perfect. Moreover with the high resolution display, movies and TV shows are shown in great clarity. Seems great right!. Well it had a long battery life that will not require you to carry a charger with 10 hours of battery life goes a long way. With just a single charge, get in a full day’s work with time to spare.

Acer Aspire

Travel with ease and look great doing it with the Aspires thin and light weight design. Equiped with the with a 10th Gen Intel Core processor will supercharge your laptop and ensure you a powerful performance.  With the long lasting battery life your device stays at your side all day with up to 11 hours of battery life. Additionally with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card Smoothly and quickly watch videos, surf the web, or get some work done. Overall the Aspire range gives you an overall pleasant experience with its slender and smooth design. We hope to inspire you.

Acer Predator

The predator gaming range has a great lineup of top gaming devices. The range is a winner in an increasingly competitive gaming industry. Our Predator laptop are made and designed for both entry level gamer as well as hardcore gamer. Our Predator range is the first range to win the desired gaming Red Dot Award.  Moreover, the red dot brand award is always in search of good design and creativity. The Predator is equipped with the latest Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD & 1TB HDD, Nvidia GTX 1660Ti to ensure you get your peak performance while gaming for doing any other work. 

Our Laptops are the top in Australia. Get one of your while stock lasts hurry.


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