Best Laptop For School

Best Laptop for School

Need a laptop for school? Hate the school ones? Well then you have come the right place. Acer has a range of laptops perfect for your soon needs. Our fast, durable and top quality laptops will make your perfect companion in the classroom or at home learning.

Here is a buying guide to the range of our premium laptops for students:

Acer Chromebook

The Acer Chromebooks are a wise choice for any student looking for a new entry level device. With the long battery life Acer Chromebook will hold a charge that will last you all day allowing you to get though your school day with ease. Moreover they are very capable of multitasking and its lightweight components are a plus to carry in the school bag. We see a lot of top customers are now choosing Acer Chromebooks over laptops each and every day. The reason is because they are cheaper, lighter, and are much less susceptible to privacy attacks compared to other devices. Furthermore, with the Chrome OS newly designed they can handle most tasks, whether they’re productivity, creativity or even entertainment related.

If you are a Student, you’ll definitely need to check out the Acer Chromebook range. Also, with great deals, these affordable devices will be lighter on your pocket.

Acer Travel Mate 

Acer TravelMate is the perfect 13-inch laptop for on the go students that won't hurt your budget at all. So get productive with the TravelMate. Made with a combination of increased processing power, portability, and durability TravelMate comes bundled with a wide range amazing features for students needs. Furthermore with the new technology now you can enjoy a smoother and faster Wi Fi experience with up to 3 times faster speeds. With additional security features ensure secure connection and safeguards your school work. Furthermore, the camera cover keeps the webcam lens covered and your privacy protected when it is not in use. Additionally with the long battery life TravelMate easily lasts through out a long day of school with up to 13 hours of battery life. So you can power your way through class work and then some homework.

Acer Spin

Acer spin is a convertible slim laptop is definitely a great choice for students to use at school and home. With the sleek all metal design and sharp edges ensure students work and play in style. This 2 in 1 laptop can be converted to both a laptop and tablet with Acer’s 360°, dual torque hinge provides four different modes for you to enjoy. Moreover with a Full HD display and so much built in technology, such as various ports (USB C Port, USB Ports), long lasting battery life of up 13 hours this devices is made to stay with you for your whole day. Not to mention, the touch feature on the Windows 10 home lets you navigate menus with ease and interact better in class. In Addition it some a perfect sized stylus to allow you do draw and practice writing and with the comfortable keyboard write your away around the class. With the fast processor this laptop can be used as a gaming laptop to play the latest games after school why not?. The Acer Spin 5 is definitely a laptop to have a look for best school laptops.


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