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Chromebooks for Students

Make learning fun and flexible with Acer’s range of Chromebooks for students. Designed to be usable by children of all ages, our Chromebooks deliver the performance and features they need to meet their goals in an ergonomic and accessible package.

The freedom they need to learn

Don’t let anything stand between your child and an education. Our Chromebooks are built from the ground up for accessibility and ease of use, delivering a laptop that simply works when and where they need it to. Booting in seconds into a simple, easy to understand operating system, their new Chromebook take the fuss out of study. No complicated set-up process or difficult maintenance – just login with a Google Account and get started immediately. Silent, rapid updates mean no waiting around for a bar to fill up when they’re ready to learn – just hop in and get started immediately.

As smart and talented as they are

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